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I have gifted both the versions to my boyfriend which i bought from. Game of thrones longclaw king in the north edition. Longclaw is a valyrian steel sword given to jon snow by jeor, as a reward for saving his life. I just see it being a little more complex because so much is written about these swords. Ice unboxing and comparison with longclaw and needle youtube. All the great houses are meant to have a valyrian steel sword, everyone had one. Request longclaw measurements i am carving a replica of jon snows sword as a gift for someone.

The blade itself looks nice and the weight of the sword and the balance is top notch. Replica game of thrones swords replica dungeon huge. I want to make this painfully clear, this sword is made in the image of a real sword, which itself was created as a loose version of longclaw as described in the book series, a song and ice and fire. The ancestral valyrian steel bastard sword of house mormont.

It could have been a fishing pole from the outside. Longclaw, sword of house mormont, heartsbane, sword of house tarly, it is wielded by the head of the house, in most cases. This article is a list of fictional swords in various pieces of literature, film and television. Jon snows sword is called longclaw and the name fits.

Game of thrones longclaw, sword of jon snow, damascus. He joined the nights watch where he serves as steward to lord commander mormont. Meticulously recreated from the actual filming prop from the hit hbo series, this highly detailed replica features a 35 stainless steel blade and genuine leather hilt with an antiquefinished metal wolf pommel. I have a stainless steel version of longclaw with the nights watch plaque, and got the king in the north edition. If you could own one game of thrones prop, longclaw should be that piece. Ice unboxing and comparison with longclaw and needle santa zoidberg. Game of thrones longclaw sword version 2 by plrmaker7.

The difference between the two is more than just the metal. They forced his head down onto the hard black wood. I received my new hbo game of thrones damascus longclaw sword this week and i am beyond thrilled with my purchase. There is longclaw the sword and the sheath inside of plastic wrap, the stand to lay the sword on, and a small book. The only problem i have was on the box there was a weird cut triangle shape on top of the box but it would be only me having this problem. Longclaw, a valyrian steel blade in possession of the house of mormont for five centuries, was gifted to jon snow by lord jeor mormont in thanks for saving jeor from the attack of a wight.

Dark horse comics is an independent publisher of comic books to ever form. Ned starks bastard son, jon was raised at winterfell on nearequal footing with his siblings. The real leather is an incredibly nice touch and it feels great in your hand. Game of thrones house lannister red damascus sword. Before becoming jon snows sword, it was originally the ancestral heirloom to house mormont.

In the deep dark world of the imagination, there are mystical creatures and unique individuals. Valyrian steel has just announced that their longawaited version of longclaw is now available for preorder. That being said, the sword can be crafted at any forge once youve unlocked the daedric smithing perk. It is also weighted with lead to give better balance. The first edition was 2500 pcs and included george r.

My fears took wing the moment i beheld this new sword in all its glory. Where can i buy jon snows sword in game of thrones, longclaw. Lightbringer being a sword on fire is a metaphor used to describe a valyrian steel sword aka longclaw. For sale here is the sold out show version of longclaw in damascus steel. Featured in the first trilogy of mistborn books, these massive. The estimated shipping date is the fourth quarter of 2008. Longclaw, sword of jon snow by valyrian steeldamascus steel edition book version this is the version of longclaw based on the description in the book. Just found the diagram for longclaw, the sword jon snow uses in got. The book is called the nights watch and has lots of full color pictures from game of thrones. There is new crafting materials that you will need to craft the sword, materials that will have been added in. It depends whether you are interested in buying the original full metal replica or a cheap formlatex or various other forms that have been circulating in the online marketplaces. Since it is longbig for a letter opener folks with small hands may find it awkward to holduse.

Longclaw, sword of jon snow, damascus edition a song of. The king in the north version is a made of damascus steel, is a limited edition of 1500 pieces and includes a certificate of authenticity and a display plaque. Spoilers everything theory on lightbringer, longclaw, and azor ahai. Founder, mike richardson decided to give dc and marvel a run for their money in the mid 1980s and because of his hard work, dark horse comics now produces some of the most popular and groundbreaking comics on the market. Never seen the show but i heard its or dollars an episode longclaw, the ancestral sword of house mormont. First, let me say this is a cool looking letter opener. Game of thrones oathkeeper, the sword of brienne of tarth. As an official uk retailer for valyrian steel, we offer the range of game of thrones licensed replicas to our customers, these swords although expensive are truly masterpieces and a must have for dedicated fans and collectors. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Valyrian steel game of thrones longclaw, sword of jon snow 4. Bring game of thrones to life with this officially licensed longclaw sword of jon snow. Valyrian steel game of thrones brienne of tarths oathkeeper sword. Jon unsheathed longclaw and showed it to them, turning it this way and that so they could admire it. I received longclaw kitne very next day of being delivered worldwide and it is awesome.

It is specifically said to look nothing like valyrian steel. Buy valyrian steel game of thrones longclaw, sword of jon snow. As seen in a game of thrones, a clash of kings, a storm of swords, a feast. Longclaw valyrian sword of jon snow from game of thrones. If you would like memorabilia to remember game of thrones, then you may consider a collectible sword. Karl was a dirty fighter and he was hard to fight with a lone sword because of his dual knives, along with it being in a bad setting for jon took place inside a cramped hut and he even spat in. Het direwolf book sword is 110 cm met een roestvrijstalen lemmet 83,5 cm lang. In game of thrones, the story is set in this time, a time of mystical creatures and castles, monarchs and rulers seeking to devour the weak, and the. Highly recommended for got fans of the show or the book. Purchased from i was so impressed with this sword that i was inspired to make a geeky movie enjoy.

This is number 222 of 500 hundred, a nice even number. I prefer the hbo longclaw rather then the book version, it seems more authentic because the books sword, the wolf just looks too kiddie. Lord commander jeor mormont src longclaw is a valyrian steel bastard sword that was the ancestral weapon of house mormont for five centuries. I was afraid i might not like the pommel on this version as i also own and love my book version of longclaw.

Sorry, but longclaw is not alive on game of thrones. We get a good description of the blade in agot and in affc. Dawn is according to legend forged out of a fallen star thus the dayne sigil. Before presenting the sword the bear pommel was replaced with a direwolf head, its eyes set with chips of garnet, to represent jons albino direwolf ghost. Officially licensed and designed in close consultation with yours truly, valyrian steels version of longclaw is a handandahalf bastard sword, 39 inches long with. Longclaw is a handandahalf sword also called abastard sword, it has a bears head for the pommel, but jeor has a stonecarving builder of the nights watch replace the hilt with one capped by a snarling wolfs head of pale stone with chips of garnet for the eyes. Then leather on the hilt is a much better and thicker quality, and noticeable that it was put on there to be more steady. Martins autograph, was released in 2008, and sold out years ago. What is the theory of longclaw the sword of jon snow. Longclaw at skyrim special edition nexus mods and community.

When lord jeor mormont retired from his lordship to take the black and command the nights watch, he passed it to his son and heir, ser jorah mormont. Jorahs first thought upon seeing jon with the sword will likely be that jon stole the sword from his father, and may have been involved in his death. As for the blade itself, we know that longclaw is a bastard sword. Just found the diagram for longclaw, the sword witcher. So for those of you who already know what youre getting, ill leave the winner the honor of unpacking the sword, but if you want more. Perhaps the best way to describe one of the popular hbo series, game of thrones, is to imagine taking a virtual leap into the world of medieval times. Previous to giving it to jon, jeor had the pommel reshaped from a bear to a direwolf the sigil of the house stark. He doesnt know about jon having been given longclaw personally by jeor, which if you think about it, is an incredible thing to do with a family heirloom of such value.

Lord eddard stark dismounted and his ward theon greyjoy brought forth. Ice, sword of eddard stark, damascus edition valyrian steel. In my research the only measurements i could find were the blade length 35 and the overall length 45. Licensed game of thrones longclaw leather scabbard of jon snow by valyrian steel. Game of thrones longclaw sword of jon snow valyrian steel. Replica movie swords movie prop replicas replica dungeon. Finally his lord father gave a command, and two of his guardsmen dragged the ragged man to the ironwood stump in the center of the square. Longclaw sword replica carried by jon snow, the game of thrones is available in the uk. The sword looks very nice and lighter than the stainless steel version and the pattern on the sword looks very nice. Im very content with my purchase and i hope to make more purchases in the future, thank you valyrian steel for making such wonderful swords. There are many pictures out there, and even videos on youtube of this sword. Packaging was stellar as far as protecting the sword and the discreet nature of the shipping box was perfect. Martins hbo version of game of thrones has been brought to life on the screen.

It still displays nicely to remind us all of how brilliant and masterful george r. Longclaw is a valyrian steel bastard sword that was the ancestral weapon of house mormont for five centuries. Longclaw is a valyrian steel bastard sword that was the ancestral weapon of house mormont for. Longclaw appears to be just like the sword in the movie. Passed from father to son, the handandahalf sword called a bastard sword by the uncouth had a great history while in their possession. Spoilers all with renewed longclaw hype, i present my.

After season 7, episode 6, a lot of people spotted something funny about the eye on longclaw, jons sword, when jon emerges from the water after the wight battle. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Longclaw is the ancestral valyrian steel bastard sword of house mormont. Its made out of metal and is pretty heavy for a 4 inch long sword, that is. The tip is deadly sharp and protected by a plastic shipping tip which immediately came off. This is my final version of longclaw now with show accurate pommel. The hilt of the sword was damaged and repaired to be more fitting of a stark, ie the wolfs head pommel. Licensed game of thrones longclaw leather scabbard of jon. Longclaw got at skyrim special edition nexus mods and. Damascus longclaw sword of jon snow 222500 valyrian steel. For five centuries the valyrian steel sword longclaw was carried by the lords of bear island in the service of the starks of winterfell.

Also i would recommend using netfabb to slice the guards off and print them separately. Id purchesed this sword in hope of melting it down into two new full size swords but i was only able to reforged this version of ice into one small sword and a small dagger. Game of thrones oathkeeper with red damascus blade book version. Longclaw, sword of jon snow a song of ice and fire book. There will be differences from the description in the books. Spoilers everything theory on lightbringer, longclaw.

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