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The audioonly interview with director jay schlossbergcohen is a nonstop rant about his life. On monday night, the afghan teenager, whose name has not yet been officially disclosed, attacked passengers in a train car in wurzburg, going at them with an ax and a knife. The concept for the film was based on an idea by executive producer daniel grodnik, who sought to make halloween on a train. One involves an insane asylums with some very interesting treatment plans. Electric boogaloo, including head lipsyncer byron yordan do i catch an acrid whiff of nepotism amongst the stench here. God and satan are on a train discussing the fate of three individuals. Directed by jay schlossbergcohen 1985 color 93min ar 1.

How to buy tickets, find ticket fares and schedules. John phillip law, charles moll, eva hesse, sharon ratcliff, j. Under the doctors influence he lures young women back to the hospital where the staff dismember them and sell their body parts. Get ready to go off the rails with the cult 1980s horror anthology film night train to terror. Army personnel stationed west berlin and frankfurt, germany, serve theirs aboard a trainone that winds 110 miles through communist east germany in the dark of night. Citroen spy train usa, 1943 61m, richard travis, catherine craig stand by me usa, 1986 87m, river pheonix, john cusack stand up and fight usa, 1939 97m, wallace beery, robert taylor the station italian, 1990 92m, sergio rubini, margherita buy the station agent usa, 2003 88m, peter dinklage.

The narrative shows us the experiences of a host of satan. If you like night train to terror you are looking for scary, atmospheric and bleak movies about with supernatural, train, anthology, apocalypse, destiny, stalking and mental illness themes of horror genre shot in usa. Night train to terror the grindhouse cinema database. After the passengers stopped the train, the attacker fled the scene, but was later shot by police. John carr, phillip marshak, tom mcgowan, jay schlossbergcohen cast.

God ferdy mayne and satan tony giorgio are on a train discussing the fate of three individuals as they watch their stories unfold. Aboard a fast moving train bound for hell, god and satan decide. Night train to terror really has no right to look as good as it does on vinegar syndromes 1080p24 mpeg4 avc bluray which features a 1. Best movies like night train to terror bestsimilar. Information about the categories seats, couchettes and sleepers. God and satan arent just riding the train for kicks. Blackberry brandy, weed and night train to terror 1985 makes for a good wednesday night at the bros. The people in questions stories are told at a trio of strange vignettes. The interviewer, joe, tries to get him to talk about night train to terror but cohen barely mentions it.

As a fan of this film, i had to have this combo pack. Satan and god are about a train talking the fate of three individuals. Anyone know why a night train between bologna to munich starting in rome is not bookable the whole month of august and early september. Night train to terror 1985 watch hot english movies free online. Isis releases video of alleged bavaria train attacker calling. Drake, and production was initiated within four months. After yet another music video where the singer breakdances and a doug savant lookalike rick arbuckle plays sax, we get to the third and final story in night train to terror, the case of claire hansen, which actually looked scary. Tony giorgio satan segment the night train ferdy mayne god segment the night train as god john phillip law harry billings. Night train to terrororiginal 1985 motion picture soundtrackblack 7 vinyl by novisible scars, released 07 october 2014 1. Regarder night train to terror 1985 en streaming vf. The audioonly interview with the assistant director is far more informative than the one with cohen. These entertainers are also passengers on the night train to terror, one car down from jehovah and lucifer.

Jul 20, 2016 police stand guard outside a train near wuerzburg, bavaria, germany. Released 1985, night train to terror stars maurice grandmaison, robert bristol, faith clift, marc lawrence the r movie has a runtime of about 1 hr 38 min. The first story in night train to terror, the case of harry billings, is actually the movie scream your head off. One involves an insane asylum with some therapy plans that are very interesting. German night train overnight train to germany youtube.

A drunken man named harry john philip law decides that he cant drive fiftyfive with his wife in the car, so he guns it much to her chagrin. The stories of the people in question are told in a trio of very strange vignettes. Night train to terror is actually a pastiche of failed productions, with its three spooky tales actually reedited and truncated remnants of films titled scream your head off, the dark side to love aka greta, and cataclysm you might think this would end up in a failed production, and a poorly constructed end product. Yes, only the campy wraparound story is original in this menagerie of horror. God and satan are on board a train and discuss the fate of three individuals as they watch their stories unfold. This unusual horror anthology mixed editeddown versions of one unreleased feature and two previously released films death wish club and the nightmare. The original movie was called cataclysm and it should be noted that the previous two segments were overdubbed with extremely ridiculous claymation. The transfer is good, and the audio commentary by the hysteria is very good. The three films edited down to incomprehensibility here are. I know from the wikipedia page that this movie is well. Cameron mitchell, john phillip law, merideth haze, ferddy mane.

This movie is cobbled together like some frankenstein project from three other movies. A few lucky territories even got it with a ridiculous handdrawn poster seemingly etched in. Directed by john carr, phillip marshak, tom mcgowan. We see the title train chugging on through the night, alternately as stock footage or a model. One involves an insane anylum with some very interesting treatment plans. Night train to terror 1985 stream and watch online. One involves an insane asylum with some very interesting treatment plans. With ben johnson, jamie lee curtis, hart bochner, david copperfield. Otto segment the case of harry billings james hansen segment the case of claire hansen as charles moll. Night train to berlin many soldiers ride trains to and from duty assignments, but a handful of u.

Three years after a prank that went terribly awry, the six college students responsible are targeted by a masked killer at a new years eve party aboard a moving train. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Sep 06, 2017 aboard a fast moving train bound for hell, god and satan decide the fates of three unfortunate mortals. Oct 23, 2015 paris berlin by russian sleeping car train 024 duration. The attack left five people injured and 14 more in shock.

At least, thats what it appears to be, with singers singing and dancers talking directly to the camera, all wearing clothing that was fashionable for about five minutes in 1985. This cheesy lowbudget mid80s marvel is actually a threepronged horror anthology, with the wraparound tale taking place on an illfated train. In the first story, the case of harry billings, a man is kidnapped and taken to an insane asylum where he is put under hypnosis and lures victims to be tortured and murdered as part of an organharvesting operation. Aboard a fast moving train bound for hell, god and satan decide the fates of three unfortunate mortals.

The film is made up of three short stories that were actually full length films originally. Night train to terror 1985 the movie database tmdb. Cast and crew credits for night train to terror, 1985, directed by john carr, with john phillip law, cameron mitchell, marc lawrence, at turner classic movies. Satan played, according to the credits, by himself and lu sifer, respectively sitting on a moving train, debating for the souls of each storys characters, while a musical group with way too many guys wearing headbands and aerobic outfits sings the same damn song over and over and over in the. Night train to terror 1985 directed by gregg tallas. This unusual horror anthology mixed editeddown versions of one unreleased feature and two previously released films death wish club and the nightmare never ends with newly shot wraparound.

Rare and selected movies from all genres free download. Apart from the two faded opening title cards on black which may have been derived from the included theatrical trailer 2. As i said earlier this was probably the strongest of the 3 stories but that isnt saying a whole lot. Terrorism in or involving west germany and reunified germany during the cold war, especially in the 1970s, west germany experienced severe terrorism, mostly perpetrated by farleft terrorist groups and culminating in the german autumn of 1977, the countrys most serious national crisis in postwar history. Nov 07, 20 night train to terrors incoherence and uneven tone only make sense upon the realization that the segments are clumsily sourced from three different films. Bass segment the night train gabriel whitehouse night porter.

This train might be bound for terror, but the onboard entertainment is enough to provoke en route shrieks of agony. The final story shows us the adventures of a server of satan. Night train to terror comes to you on home video for the very first time in its original aspect ratio and restored in 2k from 35mm film elements. Braham, along with an orderly richard moll from night court, credited as charles moll, drug poor harry to do their bidding. Night train to terror, just released as a bluraydvd combo pack from the reliably excellent vinegar syndrome, is a fascinating film as well, though for entirely different reasons. Released during the last great gasp of regional indie theatrical horror films was a perplexing little horror anthology called night train to terror, which moved around the united states in the mid1980s with a different ad campaign and poster design popping up from one state to another. As for the rock band in the movie who are hilariously bad though the song is somewhat catchy, they are the fourth group of people that are being judged and by the time the train has reached its destination, they will either end up in heaven or hell, satan, of course, wanting them for his very own. Horror movie postersoriginal movie postershorror films1980s horror moviescinema postershorror storiesterror moviesscary. Everybody but you singlelimited edition of 500 copies novisible scars. Chrisreynolds everybodys got something to do, everybody but youuuuu.

A 17yearold afghan was shot dead by police after wounding four people. With barbara wyler, jamie scoggin, stacey lyons, linda maderas. This unusual horror anthology mixed editeddown versions of one unreleased feature and two previously released films death wish club and the nightmare never. I found this segment to be confusing and boring and the only things that really save it from being a total waste are the gore and the appearance of richard moll of night court fame as a demented orderly who enjoys hacking people to pieces. He believes every movie is worth watching once and, as a film fan and critic, believes that even the worst movies offer something in return. Tim lucas, gorezone, november 1988 during the slow process of rebuilding england after the devastation heaped upon it during world war ii, ealing studios hit upon the idea of producing an anthology film composed of several chapters, each helmed by a different director as a means of reintroducing itself, and reasserting its entertainment. Marilyn alive and behind bars 1992 the sanitarium story the dark side to love 1984 the death club story cataclysm 1980 the satans minion story 5 years 5 months ago. Spy, suriname, sweden, swedish, swiss german, switzerland, tagalog, taiwan, thai, thailand, threesome. God and satan are both on a train and it is up to them to determine the fates of theree passengers. Hong kong family reveals terror of german train attack. A fulllength script for the film was composed by t. Earlier this week, i took a look at why the films of chester novell turner are so fascinating a genuine outsider to the world of film, his work comes from a place thats uniquely his own vision. Night train to terrors incoherence and uneven tone only make sense upon the realization that the segments are clumsily sourced from three different films. To optimize your experience with your screen reading software, please use our website, which has the same tickets as our fandango.

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