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First the numbers on the trim tag is not a gm vin sequence number. Below is links to chevy camaro vin decode information. Its made of stainless steel and spot welded in place. Gm did not start putting a engine code in the vin untill 72. The failure of the cap to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these terms or any part thereof shall be found invalid or unenforceable, it will be enforced to the extent specifically prohibited by applicable law, ovs has no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, practices of any and all outstanding balance.

Available for 1965 through 1967 corvette production. Gauges for decoding gm tumbler hpcs quality locksmith tool eliminating guesswork this inexpensive set of gauges eliminates the guesswork when reading the tumblers on 6cut singlesided gm keys. It had the same chassis, engine, and sheet metal as the ss396 chevelle, but with a pontiac derived front grille and dashboard. Field c body style code 12xx7 see also this explanation of why the fisher style and vin prefix differed.

In more recent times the data plate used by owners and police is the serial number found at the base of the windshield mounted on the instrument panel. Each number plate has 1, 2 or 3 letters and one or more numbers. Can you get the stamp numbers off of the pad on the engine. Some gm documentation indicates that the firstgeneration camaro gm series designation, at some point, had a somewhat different meaning than what was finally executed on the vin plate and cowl tag. Gm would used that plate for all warranty on the vehicle. Decoding chevrolet vin, trim tags, cowl tags, engine, engine block casting numbers, cylinder head casting numbers, intake manifold casting numbers. These letters were used as the fourth position of the vin. Located on the left front body pillar hyperlinked descriptors on this page lead to decoding tables. Protecto plate adds how much value to car chevy nova. Position five encodes the specific model and trim level of the vehicle.

Chevy camaro pictures and information including vin, rpo codes, trim tag. Starting in 1968, it was moved to the drivers side dash panel and can be seen by. Build sheet location for a 1971 nova chevy nova forum. I would appreciate any advice as to what the protecto plate tells about the car. Protecto plate first generation firebird 1967, 1968, 1969. This 3digit code shows the color and style of the interior and seats. So what is a protecto plate pop anyway and where can i find it.

The protecto plate was in the owners manual when the car was new, looked like a credit card, probably long gone by now. The minimum pc requirements for the vdr host application are per the general mo. If you give us a picture of your trim tag on the top of the cowl, driver side. Im not sure if thats the right name for it but its basically a metal credit card type of plate thats in the owners manual that identifies your car for when it used to be taken in for service.

All genuine gm parts are covered by gms 12 month parts warranty period from the date of invoice. Get your medical device ready for market faster by working with gmn. The owners name, address and the vehicles delivery date was embossed on a special tape affixed to the plate. But now it is time to get the lady to sleep for winter and dream about next ride next summer. Free gmc vin decoder decode any vin for free free vin. I have an old car for sale, and i have read ads for other old cars and they mention having the original warranty card and the protecto plate. To the left of the paint or pnt letters are the exterior color codes. The nor norwood interior paint code, used only during 1967, is a single letter and is the same character as used on the protecto plate pop. I recently learned that i had all the paper work from the original owner, bill of sale, original user manual, protecto plate manual, and a lot of maintenance reicpts from the 60s70s.

Chevrolet protect o plate decoder guide 19651972 corvette nova. Second you have too many digits, sequence numbers are 6 digits long and for 1974 chevellesel caminosmonte carlos in the u. A grandma had bought the car in 71 and drove it very little, only 50k on the odometer. If anyone happens to have book or knows the codes, would be great if you could decode my numbers for me. Gm used a lettered system of automobile platform codes for three decades. From early in the brands history, serial numbers were assigned to their trucks, dating gmc vin decoding back to the 1930s. Center section of plate with owner data removed for clarity. Before we begin, take a few minutes and check your pontiacs glove compartment, find its idento plate or protecto plate, and get ready to go decoding. Whie searching for a decoder for a particular mode that is only commercially available so it seems i came across this decoding software and decided to give it a try. Schiller park,il usa inaminute auto lock decoder guide.

The 1970 buick body plate data decoder enables you to discover the vehicles build information including paint color, body style and trim. Many years of extensive research including, code, character, material and physical structure now make it possible to affirm st. See the pop decoding section for other details on the norwood interior paint code. Data plates and vins information on collecting cars. The protecto plate was a small stamped metal plate that was sent, by the factory, with each vehicle produced.

My 1962 chevy ii series 100 four door has what appears to be a factory 153 four cylinder with a powerglide. I have the protectoplate for my 1969 ohc6 coupe, and it. Warranty cards, factory build sheets, window stickers and dealer invoices are some of the most common forms of classic car documentation around, and can have a vast impact on the value of the car theyre attached to. There is no underestimating the importance of pedigree when it comes to car collecting. Sometimes the information embossed on the card included codes for paint colors, interior trim and. This plate came in the original owners manuel at the back. We are happy to announce that the general motors protecto plate decoding guide. Vehicle identification number vin and cowl tag decoding. The protectoplate pop was designed to be used by chevrolet dealers to identify the owner and the vehicle. This decoding guide covers camaro, chevelle, chevy ii, nova, corvette, corvair, and fullsize chevrolet 19651972. These tools were used by gm dealerships to print the original owners name and address onto a plastic label, which was then affixed to the warranty protectoplate metal card in the owners manual. A friend of mine recently bought an all original 71 nova, v8 stocker. The trim plate and the cowl plate are the same thing just called by a different name by some. The protectoplate will not have that info for the 70 model.

Attempting to decode by reading the plate reversed with a magnifying light. On 1964 chevrolets, the codes are all 3 digits including twotone cars, which have unique 3digit codes. There is no need to take apart the lock plug or waste key blanks by eyeballing the depths. A division of gm, gmc is known for its rugged trucks that are, as the slogan proudly asserts, professional grade. Apparently the term protectoplate was used solely by general motors. Back in 1965, general motors came up with a strategy to track cars under warranty so they could better serve their customers. Position your windows explorer so you see gamemasterdecompile. If this is the first time you have run the program after you installed the software, the preferences screen will come up automatically to allow you to set up the system for your particular configuration. Number plates are displayed showing available plates on the uk market. Gmchevy protectoplate decoder guide 19651972 models. Apparently it is abandonware or a part of a formally commercial software company that is no longer in business. Buy used 1968 442 numbers match protecto plate gorgeous original in plymouth, michigan, united states find or sell used cars, trucks, and suvs in usa cars for sale.

Buy acdelco d1760c gm original equipment side marker and license plate lamp harness. The protectoplate was a small stamped metal plate that was sent, by the factory, with each vehicle produced. Help decoding 1970 protectoplate forums official c3. To the right of the tr letters short for trim is the interior code. Holden compliance plate decoder im just curious as to how stock my car really is and if what the seller said was true. It is against the law to alter this tag, but there are always ads on the internet of people wanting to sell a set of tags. If this part is defective, you should be able to get the warranty claim processed by your local gm dealerships service department, or any gm dealership nationwide with a copy of your invoice. We support customers through the component manufacturing and design process. The firewall code says it should be a six cylinder. I guess they put it through a credit card type machine to get an imprint of it.

Code of 1968 model year begins with first day of calendar year 1967 and continues through 1968 calendar year. He has the protecto plate and other documentation the family provided with the car, but we have not had any luck findings the build sheet. Apparently the term protect oplate was used solely by general motors. Frames free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Buick identification and decoding page 3 team buick. Gm vehicle data recorder upgrade installation important. If its a stamped original post it up in the orphans section using the partial vin in the subject line. When speaking of old cars, what is the protecto plate. Acdelco d1760c gm original equipment side marker and. We will also be able to assist in any warranty claims. Gm didnt start including the engine codes in the vin until 72. Entries in bold print in the resulting tables pertain to the above warranty card. We are happy to announce that the general motors protectoplate decoding guide. Garage, the dealers were pretty serious about the protectoplate program back in the 60s.

If its stamped but youre not sure if an original post a link under decodingnumbers section. A program that decodes the vin and cowl tag information for 6769 camaros. It was stamped with basic identification data about. Feature articles protecto plates help car collectors verify facts. Any help on fender stripe, wheels and decoding protecto plate would be.

By the numbers 1965 olds f85 cutlass convertible sibersonic. Use as regulated by your specialis generic purchaset. The first part is always 1 to designate chevrolet, 2nd for the series and 3rd for the specific body style. Feature articles protectoplates help car collectors verify facts. Code of 1967 model year begins with first day of the calendar year 1966 and continues through the 1967 calendar year.

Chevy vin, chevy vin decoder, chevy vin information. The protectoplate a thin metal plate or plastic card issued to car owners starting in the 60s to help dealers track warranty work has become a buzz word for collectors wishing to document the authenticity of their vehicles. It was called the sd396, and even had sd396 decals on the lower front fenders. Enter the username and password or register for new account. Engine plants will stamp a source, production date, and engine suffix on all engines.

We are equipped with years of experience in component design support and manufacturing for the medical industry combined with outstanding expertise, capabilities and quality system certifications. In canada, gm sold a very unusual vehicle that was basically a chevelle, but it was called a beaumont. Information about number decoding and matching numbers on one 1965 olds. Assembly plants will stamp assembly plant designation and continuous sequence number portion of the vehicle identification number on all 307, 327, 350, 396, and 427ci engines, except corvette. Youd have to check your vin tag not the fisher body number plate for the buid sequence number. In the early days, the serial was stamped onto the id plate, and each letter indicated the series. No problems and a nice ride as all the summers before for 40 years. For transfer times, vat status and any other information you require, please call us or visit our main number plate website. Original owner apparently glued it down to one of the warranty documents. Though todays gm platforms use greek characters, they are still encoded with latin characters in the fourth position. The protecto plate a thin metal plate or plastic card issued to car owners starting in the 60s to help dealers track warranty work has become a buzz word for collectors wishing to document the authenticity of their vehicles. This location has been used since the late sixties. Use the diagram below to properly decode your original data plate. Read and understand these instructions before you begin this installation procedure.

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